People occasionally ask my opinion on things like what to wear when your baby belly no longer fits into pants, or how that flakey mascara keeps making "Best of Beauty" lists. These are a few of those conversations. 

Photo: Alexander Wilson

Photo: Alexander Wilson

Raghunter: Pregnant in Beirut / Real (Shopping) Advice

"As comfortable as you can be in your own skin, your body is literally changing by the day. Each morning, you have to figure out what fits today and what’s flattering at this very moment."

Reader's Digest: What to Wear to Holiday Parties 

"Invest in one statement piece that can dramatically alter basic looks: a printed satin bomber jacket, or a jaw-dropping pair of boots."


Photo: Bachar Srour

Photo: Bachar Srour

Hustle & Co.: 7 Movers & Shakers Who Turned Their Side Hustle into a Career

Side hustle hack: "Start small and save big,” says Kassab. "You don’t have to dive headfirst into your dream career."

The Hairpin: An Interview With a Former Beauty PR Manager

"Even if they don't believe in something 100%, most PR people don't have sinister plans to trick editors into loving some horrible product."