What clients and colleagues say about my work.


"MacKenzie joined the Raghunter Editorial Team for a 'too-short-for-us' but very effective time. Her expertise in editorial strategy helped Raghunter create a footprint in unique, relevant content in Beirut and extending regionally whenever that was applicable. We highly recommend MacKenzie and truly believe she is a strong asset to any editorial team, especially those focused in digital content strategy."     

 Serene Abbas, Raghunter co-founder


"As Editor-in-Chief at A, MacKenzie approached everything she did with style and attention to detail. She's a strong and polished writer, adept at making complex topics accessible and simple topics fascinating. Her organization skills never failed to impress; she literally wrote A's instruction manual and style guide and streamlined our editorial processes. As a manager, she was approachable and fun to work with able to bring together a team from across backgrounds and cultures."    

  Christina Tkacik, multimedia journalist at The Baltimore Sun and former A magazine associate editor  


"Whether looping her in at the pitch stage, or presenting a well-formed brief, MacKenzie was up to the task — and delivered above-and-beyond expectations. She was a pleasure to work with: always willing to adapt to suit our needs, whether it be a shift in the angle of the piece, or our deadlines. She always brought such enthusiasm to her projects that often times she helped further shape the ideas of our content for the better. In addition her incredible sense of creativity, she is also resourceful and extremely diligent, and often added enormous value to our pieces by pulling in additional research or interviews. In terms of the process, I always felt confident that the final piece would be aligned with our vision as she was not afraid to reach out for clarification/approval on direction she was going. I highly recommend MacKenzie for anyone's writing needs."

- Lauren Santini, Marketing Specialist, Professional Development Programs at Harvard University

I would gladly work with her again!
— Poupak Sionit, CMO at GlamSquad & former Selective Beauty marketing VP

"If you need a premium writer that takes assignments and considers the overall content strategy and business goals in each piece, look no further. MacKenzie produces (with passion) the quality work that publishers need and readers seek. Your deliverables will be on schedule, within budget and up to standards. There are some people that just make life easier and MacKenzie is one of them."

- Christine Tancinco, Digital Content Strategy Consultant & former Director of Digital Editorial and Production at A&E Networks

" I was impressed with her work ethic, friendly personality and ability to work well under pressure. MacKenzie kept up her energy level and attention to detail. She’s always ready to lend a helping hand and actively contributes during brainstorming sessions and meetings between the teams."  

– Nour Khoury, Bucolik founder 


"MacKenzie was PR Manager on my team at Selective Beauty, where we managed beauty brands including Agent Provocateur, Sonia Rykiel and more. MacKenzie is a team player and always displays a positive attitude no matter what the task. She is proactive, productive and takes pride in her work. I feel very fortunate to have worked with her, and a great friendship developed. She has a great sense of humor, develops relationships easily and thrives on taking the lead. In addition, she is extremely genuine, trustworthy, smart and honest."

Jen Bickerton, PR consultant & former Selective Beauty PR director